You should know the procedures followed if you have OWI charges, especially if it's your first time. Operating while Impaired, commonly known as OWI, are chargers you get if you operate motorized equipment when your alcohol content, other drug substances, or both are beyond the legally required amount.

Below are five things that you should know about OWI charges.

1. When Are You Charged with an OWI?

You can get OWI charges if you're operating a vehicle or motorized equipment with an alcohol content that's more than the legally allowable limit. In addition, you can face OWI charges if you are operating a vehicle under any substances or a combination of alcohol and other substances. You may also face OWI charges in some states if you refuse to submit to a field sobriety test.

2. What Are the Consequences of OVI Charges?

Once you get OWI charges, you might face a jail sentence which depends on your state's laws and the magnitude of your OWI conviction. In such cases, an OWI lawyer helps to lessen your jail term based on the state of your records.

Also, you may end up paying legal fines and, in some cases, face a suspension of your license. In addition, if you repeat OWI offenses, you might face misdemeanor charges. Therefore, seek professional help from an OWI lawyer to help you with the legal process. Your OWI lawyer has enough experience to fight the charges and get you off with lesser legal consequences.

3. What Defenses Can You Take If You Have OVI Charges?

While most of these charges are unreversible, you can defend yourself to reduce the charges and potential penalties. However, you may need to seek professional help from an OWI attorney to help with the legal process. Your OWI lawyer reviews your case and adapts different defense strategies. 

For example, they might look into any legal rights violated during the arrest. Also, your OWI attorney can assess your sobriety test, including its administration, to identify if there were any improper procedures or odd readings. As a result, your OWI lawyer helps you get a charge dismissal if the officers violated any legal rights or conducted the test inappropriately.

An OWI charge can negatively affect your records and life. For example, prison time can prove detrimental to achieving your life goals and throw you off track. However, hiring an OWI lawyer can help you dismiss charges and potential penalties associated with your case.

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