There might not be many positive things about an arrest for a misdemeanor crime for which you are found guilty, but one of the silver linings -- if your crime wasn't overly egregious -- is that you may be able to get a weekend jail sentence. Instead of doing straight time in a county facility, you can instead carry out your sentence on weekends. For example, you'd report to jail on Friday night and remain there until Sunday evening, and repeat this pattern until you've completed your sentence. Even a small amount of jail time is unfavorable, but there can actually be some positive aspects of serving a sentence in this manner.

It Doesn't Disrupt Your Work Schedule

If you're employed, the last thing you want is for a jail sentence to threaten your job. Many people lose their jobs when they go to jail simply because they can't fulfill the demands on their position, and having to explain to your boss and co-workers that you've gotten into trouble with the law is also damaging to your reputation. A weekend jail sentence will allow you to continue to work and earn a living, and it's possible that your employer won't even be aware of your brush with the law and your jail time.

People May Not Know

Although it can be difficult to withhold legal troubles from your family and immediate friends, being able to serve your jail sentence on the weekend may prevent people in your community from knowing what you're going through. Unless your crime was covered in the local media and your identity was released, it can be easy enough to "disappear" every weekend without setting off red flags for your neighbors. If prompted, you can even come up with a cover story about visiting friends or traveling.

Easier When You Have Children

One of the difficult elements of going away to jail is that you leave your children in the hands of your partner, who may struggle to care for them essentially as a single parent. Your children will miss your influence, while your partner will miss the role that you play in raising them. Although it's not easy to be away from your kids on the weekends, your partner may find that having you out of the house two days out of seven, rather than for weeks or months on end, is more favorable to him or her.

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