There are times in life where you hit rock bottom, and only major help can aid you in climbing back out. If you have loved to drink for a long time and tend to consume alcohol each day, this may not appear to be a problem to you at first. When you get a DUI due to driving drunk, you may soon realize that you have an issue that needs help. DUI cases in many counties are criminal cases that can result in the loss of a driver's license and jail time. If you know that you need help and would like to go to rehabilitation instead of jail, here are some ways to go about getting help:

Take responsibility for your actions

If you wish for the court to show leniency, you will need to show that you understand the gravity of the act of driving drunk. Be sure to take responsibility for your actions. If you realized that you were driving under the influence, you and your lawyer should seek out a plea bargain for the case instead of denying that there was an issue. Contact your insurance company and have them fix any damage that you have caused by explaining what happened during the DUI. 

Submit a letter to the prosecutor and court

Prosecutors tend to determine the penalty that they are seeking for the case. If you want to enter a rehabilitation treatment facility as a part of your case, you should submit a letter to the court and to the prosecutor's office. Your attorney can help you draft up a letter that will be submitted to the court to be legally considered. Be sure to outline how long you have had the alcohol problem, that you recognize that your alcoholism is an issue, and that you want to commit to changing for good. 

Ask for more community service than usual

Some people try to plea bargain for as little punishment as possible. If you wish to go to rehab and a 12 step program, you learn that fixing the issues that your actions have caused is one of the best ways to heal. Instead of looking to get the bare minimum punishment, ask your DUI attorney to request more than the usual amount of community service. This can be the start of helping you right your wrongs, and it can keep your focus on community betterment rather than going back to old habits.