Being arrested is a very serious situation, and it is important for defendants to understand their rights when facing this problem. Otherwise, these individuals can be more likely to make errors while defending themselves that could greatly worsen their situation.  

Why Should You Avoid Talking To The Police Without Your Attorney Being Present?

It is a reality that defendants may get themselves into further trouble by openly talking with the police. Police officers are trained to be able to get individuals to open up to them, and this can make it easy for a person to incriminate themselves. Considering that anything that is said during your arrest or questioning can be used in the case against you, it is essential for you to minimize any talking that you do until your criminal attorney arrives. While the police may pressure you to answer questions, it is your legal right to refuse to answer any questions until your attorney is present.

What Can Be Done If Your Bail Is Set Too High For You To Afford?

Posting bail will allow a person to leave jail until their trial is concluded. In addition to allowing the defendant resume their normal routines, this can also make it easier for a person to coordinate their legal defense as they will have more time and freedom to meet with your attorney. Sadly, the bail that is set by the court may be far more than what you can afford. While bail bonding can help individuals to pay their bail, it is possible for the bail to be set high enough to cause bail bonding services to still be too expensive. For defendants facing this problem, the court can be petitioned to lower the bail amount, and your attorney may be able to file this paperwork for you.

How Do Criminal Attorneys Charge Clients To Represent Them?

Paying to mount a legal defense against criminal charges can be intimidating as individuals will frequently assume that they will be unable to afford these services. To help clients manage their legal expenses, criminal defense attorneys will often require a retainer fee to be paid, and the hourly rate will be taken from this retainer. Once the retainer had been depleted, you may need to pay additional fees. Some clients may be unable to afford these costs, and in these situations, there are some attorneys that will provide clients with more convenient payment options. However, you will need to speak with your attorney about this option as it is not universally available.