Were you arrested for driving under the influence? If so, you are probably in the midst of a mess. The legal ramifications so far may have included suspension of your license and upcoming court dates, especially if you injured somebody in a crash because you were intoxicated. The financial ramifications may have included bail, the loss of your job, and attorney fees.

Your DUI lawyer may be advising you to enter rehab because it will give you an advantage in court. Although that may be true, if you have a serious drinking problem it is even more important that you enter treatment to save your own life. Here are eight reasons to consider alcohol rehab while awaiting court.

1. This wasn't the first time you got behind the wheel after drinking.

Perhaps alcohol has been a problem for you since you were a teenager, or it has slipped out of your control just recently. However, you've likely put yourself and others in danger before the day you were arrested. Alcohol rehab opens your eyes to the very real danger you have been on the road.

2. Others have been trying to get your attention.

Chances are, family and friends have been trying to impress upon you the seriousness of your addiction to alcohol. It is the nature of chemical dependency to deny the counsel of others, but a DUI arrest is irrefutable evidence of the problem.

3. Your relationships have been suffering.

Especially if you have become angry with those who have been trying to point out your problematic drinking, your interpersonal relationships may be deteriorating. Perhaps your marriage is falling apart, or close friends no longer want to talk to you. When you enter alcohol treatment, it is likely that you will regain the proper perspective on the relationships in your life.

4. Your job performance has declined.

If you have a problem with alcohol, it's probable that your performance at work isn't outstanding anymore. Maybe you've gotten write-ups, missed critical deadlines, or botched a project because of your drinking. Further, depending on your occupation, a DUI arrest may even have cost you your job. Entering alcohol treatment may give you a second chance with your boss.

5. You drink more or just more often than you intend.

People who are problem drinkers often exhibit poor impulse control when it comes to alcohol intake. You may have experienced this on an increasingly frequent basis, setting a limit for yourself only to blow past it without thinking. Also, the more you drink, the more tolerance your body develops for alcohol so that it now takes more alcohol to achieve the same effect. Impulsive excess, as well as tolerance, are signs that you need alcohol treatment.

6. You are suffering physical and emotional complications of drinking.

After a significant time of excessive drinking, alcohol begins to take a toll on your physical health. If you've been diagnosed with anemia, heart disease, cancer (especially of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver and breast), gout, seizures, high blood pressure, or pancreatitis, then your body is trying to tell you that you are drinking too much alcohol. Entering a treatment program gives your body a rest and the opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle once again.

7. You have been taking self-destructive risks in other areas of your life.

Maybe you've been engaging in other dangerous behaviors besides drinking and driving, such as risky sexual liaisons, violent altercations, or illegal activities. These pose a hazard to your well being similar to the health risks noted above. Once in alcohol rehab, you may realize that you have been endangering your life in multiple ways.

8. You know you need to stop drinking, but haven't been able to quit.

A DUI arrest feels like a devastating setback. However, if it jolts you into facing a drinking problem, it may be one of the strangest gifts you ever received.

While your DUI lawyer handles the details of your case and prepares for court, consider going into rehab for you. No matter what the outcome of your court case, you may emerge the winner as you reclaim your life from the grip of alcohol.